Raleigh Victory

Organizing the Boots on the Ground Effort

After taking control of the Governor's mansion and General Assembly just over a year ago, 2014 promises to be another huge year for Republicans in North Carolina. Our state will once again be front and center as we work to defeat Kay Hagan to take back the Senate.

The NCGOP is working around the clock to make that a reality by going back to the basics and focusing on peer to peer, neighborhood based relationships in order to build a strong, statewide grassroots network of volunteers. We’re looking for activists across the state who want to be an integral part of this election year with our Boots on the Ground team.  A strong statewide effort is going to be essential to victory in North Carolina this year and in the years to come.

Our network of precinct leaders will act as our precinct campaign managers to help us build strong relationships with weak supporters, regularly check in with identified supporters, communicate our message with undecided voters and identify unknown high propensity voters.

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