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Why A Parent’s Bill of Rights Should Be Top Of The List When NC Republicans Regain Control Of The GA

Updated: May 23, 2022

Last month the John Locke Foundation put together a North Carolina Parent’s Bill of Rights, and has many taking the suggestion to heart, and for good reason.

With the realization of the politicization of education, many parents are trying to wrangle back control of their children and the lesson plan from politically motivated teachers, administrators, and school boards.

This came to a head in Virginia last year when the Fairfax County School tried to shut parents out of the discussion and petitioned Biden’s Justice Department to help deal with the ‘terroristic threats’ of concerned parents, in a move meant to intimidate parents.

This incident has brought the lack of control that parents have over their children’s education to the forefront. As such many measures have been proposed to put control firmly back into parent’s hands, with the most recent being the John Locke Foundation’s North Carolina Parent’s Bill of Rights.

This Parent’s Bill of Rights has outlined within it, six rights of parents. Those rights are:

1. ‘The right to direct their child’s physical, mental, and emotional health.’

2. ‘The right to direct how and where their child is educated.’

3. ‘The right to transparency when dealing with their child’s teachers and school.’

4. ‘The right to a classroom and school environment that is safe and nurtures their child’s well-being.’

5. ‘The right to be actively engaged in their child’s education.’

6. ‘The right to recourse and accountability of school districts, administrators, and teachers.’

The Parent’s Bill of Rights addresses many concerns that parents are feeling across the country in a clear and concise way, with little room for misunderstanding. The only thing missing at present is issues of enforcement, such as what would be the course of action for a teacher, administrator, or school district that violates one or more of these rights.

Otherwise, adopting something like the Parent’s Bill of Rights should be at the top of the agenda for North Carolina Republicans when they regain a supermajority in the General Assembly.

For more about the Parent’s Bill of Rights go to:

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