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Thoughts on Gun Control #1: A Bad Day for Texas RINOS

Texas, a larger than life state known for its god-fearing, gun toting, Republican-minded people, just concluded the Texas GOP Convention about two weeks ago, and well it was definitely distinct, much like the Lone Star State.

North Carolina concluded their GOP Convention about a month ago, but the Texas GOP Convention had far more conflict. Despite popular belief, not all conflict is bad and conflict can even be a sign of better things to come within the Republican Party.

Like the Republican Party as the whole, Texas has numerous limp-wristed and faux Republicans among its ranks. Fortunately, for the health of the party and conservative ideals, these RINO Republicans are detested by the party’s base, and rightfully so. I am not sure if the Texas GOP understands this, however.

In a moment that has gone viral and captured many news headlines, Congressman John Cornyn, who ‘represents’ Texans in the US Senate was booed and heckled while taking the stage and barely able to spit out his pre-written speech.

Senator Cornyn has long been a weak link in the Republican party, rolling over for Democrats and is the sought after vote for any Democrat-backed legislation Schumer wants passed. The most recent display of this was his ardent support of ‘red flag’ legislation which recently passed in the Senate after a similar bill was passed in the House a few weeks prior.

Cornyn has taken it upon himself to be the leading Republican on gun control and headed the group of fourteen Republicans in negotiations with Democrats over the new ‘red flag’ laws.

Unsurprisingly, this didn’t go down so well with Texas voters, and they made that clear when he walked out on the stage. Without missing a step, the media wasted no time in decrying the actions of those who jeered at him. Cornyn is the Democrats horse in the race, so naturally they can afford to cut him a little slack and even actively play defense for him, which is a luxury they would never afford to actual Republicans.

Another feigning Republican, Congressman Dan Crenshaw, who ‘represents’ Texans in the US House of Representatives, landed in some hot water after some of his staff physically attacked social media commentator and comedian Alex Stein, who had been repeatedly calling Crenshaw ‘eyepatch McCain.' This nickname is coined by conservative nightly news host Tucker Carlson.

This jab is in reference to the late Senator and failed 2008 Presidential Candidate John McCain. McCain was a divisive figure among many Republicans as many considered him a faux Republican for his track record of warmongering and repeated siding with Democrats on important issues.

Many consider Crenshaw to be a shill for Democrats and his efforts on behalf of Ukraine seem to indicate his priority towards a foreign war despite the many domestic problems facing the country.

Also like McCain, defenders of Crenshaw use his history as a decorated war hero to flaunt legitimate criticism against him. That is not a claim I make lightly. I personally have members in my family who served with distinction, so I say that with the utmost regard for those who have served.

Crenshaw seems to have his focus on hobnobbing with friends in the World Economic Foreign, legislation aiding Ukraine, and working with House Democrats on their pet projects rather than on real issues facing Republicans in Texas.

Following the attack on Stein, Crenshaw went to Twitter to declare that he was actually the one who had been attacked and again the liberal media apparatus circled the wagons for another friendly ‘Republican.’ Fortunately, Crenshaw was not able to get away with this, as keen eyed conservatives pointed out this obvious and unashamed contortion of the truth. The tweet was also promptly ratioed and Crenshaw's sources, like Mediaite, revealed to be partisan smear sites.

Another Republican, and arguably the most prominent Republican in the state, who has some questions to answer was seemingly absent from the Texas convention: Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Personally, I like Gov. Abbott. In my opinion, he actually upholds Conservative values, but he is far from perfect and when you look at other hard-hitting conservatives governors like Ron DeSantis, Gov. Abbott falls a little short. Gov. Abbott also has some questions to answer regarding Uvalde and the conduct of the Uvalde Police Department.

So you might be asking why is this important? These two events are important because they demonstrate that people are paying attention. That Republican voters are fed up with the RINOs and their days are numbered.

Further proof can be observed in the re-election bid of Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney, another faux Republican and the third highest ranking Republican in Congress. Congresswoman Cheney faces a narrow chance of being reelected. This comes after years of voters not noticing the daughter of Dick Cheney playing ball with Democrats.

Hopefully, Cornyn's and Crenshaw's days in office are numbered as well. Perhaps the Texas GOP can take some notes on North Carolina as NC Republican voters gear up to boot out their RINOs: Richard Burr in November and if all goes well Thom Tillis in coming years.

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