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Pro-Choice Terrorism: Getting Rid of The Opposition (And The Unborn)!

With the Supreme Court finally overturning Roe Vs. Wade, roughly fifty years after the case was first decided, many discussions are being had. Many are concerned that political violence is about to significantly heat up in the coming weeks. Just one problem: politically motivated violence is already here and it's been in full swing for about a month.

Since an unknown insider, speculated to be a clerk for one of the liberal Justices, leaked drafts of a majority decision to overturn the long-standing and controversial decision on Roe in early May, tensions have already flared. Since the early opinion was leaked, pro-choice groups have perpetrated what is essentially political terrorism. What's worse than that though is that nobody is really talking about it.

In the weeks that followed the leak, pro-choice protestors and groups have ramped up the insanity and ramped up the attacks. Some of these attacks have even been encouraged by sitting members of Congress and the White House. What has unfolded can only be described as political terrorism in the pursuit of the pro-abortion agenda.

Pro-life organization that has been firebombed. Image from

Urged on by politicians and media, activists coalesced and protested outside the homes of Justices, employing tactics that can really only be seen by any rational person as political intimidation and a subversion of common decency. In scenes that can be described as outright extremism, activists drew chalk depictions of coat hangers on the streets, held up signs calling for harm to be done to Justices and their families, and vandalized the homes of Justices and their neighbors.

Protestors outside of Justice’s homes. Image from

You had numerous vulgar and barbaric displays, inadvertently showing the cruelty of the other side, ranging from marchers wearing fake blood, hands zip tied, and carrying around baby dolls in nooses. One activist wore a leotard and a fake stomach giving a mock birth and abortions with baby dolls outside of a pro-life church. Get on TikTok, a favorite for unhinged leftists, and there are plenty of young women trumpeting that they ‘want to have a baby just so they can abort it’ and other heart wrenchingly egregious things.

More protestors marching through Justices' neighborhoods. Image from

The fervor didn’t stop their as several pro-choice activists and groups across the country took to firebombing crisis pregnancy centers and pro-life organizations. This is blatant political terrorism and it isn’t getting the attention it deserves. When our government actively promotes such political violence we cannot have a functioning society. We cannot claim to have a rule of law if it is only enforced when it's convenient.

One of the organizations attacked was right here in North Carolina. In early June, a pro-life pregnancy center in Ashville was vandalized. The organization had its windows smashed and defaced with pro-abortion messaging including the phrase 'If abortions aren't safe, neither are you!' This saying that has become prominent in the movement and associated with several pro-abortion extremist groups.

Pro-life organization vandalized in Ashville, NC. Image from

In a sane, rational, and civilized society that governed itself with the highest respect for the law, these individuals groups would be held accountable. Groups like Jane’s Revenge, who took credit for several of the vandalizations and firebombings, including the one here in North Carolina, would be shut down immediately and the group's members arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. However, Since the left tacitly agrees with what they are trying to achieve, they turned a blind eye to the chaos and lawlessness.

Poster from Jane’s Revenge calling for violence in the streets of DC. Image From

Take notice of the other side, the unchecked extremists, the violence they promote, the disregard for law and decency, and the contempt they hold for life- born and unborn. The violence and extremism is already here. It's been here for a while now.

Take note of this and the foreseeable violent protests and riots down the road. Be diligent and don’t let the left memory-hole this like they did with the burning down of half the country with BLM. Stand up and hold them to account even if nobody in charge will. Let the left know we are watching, and that we will not tolerate pro-choice terrorism.

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